Claims happen…when they do; we think you should know what to expect:

Making a Claim

The first step in making a claim is to call your Agent. This will help us get your claim process started quickly so you can get back to enjoying the nicer days of spring. To contact your agent click here.

Please make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, but keep receipts for any materials you buy. They may be reimbursed when you present your claim.

Do not make any permanent repairs until we have inspected the damage for your claim.

Beware of Storm Chasers.

After a major storm, you may find people at your door looking to inspect the roof or siding for damage. Please do not let anyone on your roof without ensuring they are from a reputable organization and are licensed to do inspections.

Be present while any contractor inspects your property. Some dishonest companies have been known to cause damage to increase the repair cost.

Finally, be aware that some individuals may claim to get you more money for your claim if you hire them. However, these public adjusters take part of your claim settlement. We ask that you let our adjusters work with you, as we want to make sure your claim is settled quickly and to your satisfaction.

First Step

Get everyone on the premises to a safe location and/or seek help from medical personnel for anyone who is injured.

Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, but keep receipts for any materials you buy. They may be reimbursed when you present your claim.

Do not make any permanent repairs until we have inspected the damage for your claim.

Make a Claim

Contact your Agent. They will get the process started by filling out a form and submitting it to our main office. If you need to file a claim and your agent is unavailable, call our main office at 816-380-4241.

When reporting the claim, make sure to provide your agent with all phone numbers where you may be reached. Mobile and work phone numbers are especially helpful when the claims adjuster is contacting you.

Check your Claim Status

Until you have been contacted by the Adjuster assigned to your claim, you can contact your Agent for updates on your claim.

Once you have contact information for your Adjuster, they will be able to answer most questions about your claim.

Emergency Claims

While most claims may be reported the next business day, emergency claims may be reported after work hours. Call our main office at 816-380-4241 then dial 0(Zero) for operator. Your call will be forwarded to another number, where you can leave a message on an answering machine. Please leave your contact information and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

First Contact

After reporting your claim, you should be contacted by the adjuster assigned to your claim within two or three business days. If you miss their call, just call back as soon as possible to get the process started.

Your Coverage

Claims payments will be made in accordance with the coverage you selected when you took out, or last updated your policy with your agent. If you have coverage questions, make sure to ask your agent to review your protection program with you before you have suffered a loss. 

Settlement Time

Patrons and Farmers makes every effort to settle claims in an expeditious manner. Claim settlement will generally be made within 30-45 days. In certain circumstances, claim documentation must be reviewed by the company’s claim committee at their monthly meeting before payment can be made. 

Replacement Cost Settlement Claims

These claims are generally settled in two payments. The first payment is for the value of the loss and the second payment covers the additional costs necessary to replace or repair. See below for tips on providing the documentation or receipts necessary for the second payment to be issued.

How to Expedite your Claims Settlement

Calls & Correspondence: Your prompt reply to calls and correspondence from Patrons and Farmers and its adjusters will greatly speed the settlement of your claim.

Proof of Loss Form: Sign and return your Proof of Loss Form promptly. This document, with your original signature must be received by the company prior to any claim payment. Notarization of this document is not generally required unless the anticipated loss amount is greater than $75,000 or requested by your claims adjuster.

Replacement Cost Claims: These types of claims require legible copies of receipts and / or proof of repair with total costs identified. You can submit these documents through your adjuster, agent, or directly to the company by mail. Your name and claim number should appear on each page.

Questions after the Claim

Patrons and Farmers staff, adjusters, and agents work hard to effectively communicate with you during the claims settlement process. If you have any questions that we failed to anticipate, please call your claims adjuster or agent.