Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions are general in nature and not provided as a replacement for a full and complete understanding of your insurance protection program.  While written as accurately as possible for most situations, there are certain circumstances that might make the answers to these questions inappropriate in your specific situation.  A frank and honest discussion of your situation will enable your Patrons & Farmers Agent to more accurately answer your questions. 
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Get everyone on the premises to a safe location and/or seek help from medical personnel for anyone who is injured.

Take those actions necessary to protect your property from further damage if it is safe to do so.  Keep all receipts for expenditures made to for potential reimbursement.

Call your agent to report the claim as soon as possible.  Routine claims may be reported the next business day.  When reporting the claim, make sure to provide your agent with all phone numbers where you may be reached.  Mobile and work phone numbers are especially helpful when the claims adjuster is contacting you. If this is during non-business hours and you cannot reach your agent Please call our office 816-380-4241 ext. 101. You will be forwarded to another number and there might be a delay. Please do not hang up. You may hear another answering machine, Please leave a message and your will be contacted as soon as possible.

If you miss the adjuster's first call, call him/her back right away.

Your Coverage:Claims payments will be made in accordance with the coverage you selected when you took out, or last updated your policy with your agent.  If you have coverage questions, make sure to ask your agent to review your protection program with you before you have suffered a loss. 

First Contact:  Under most circumstances, the Patrons and Farmers claims adjuster should contact you within two business days. 

Settlement Time:  Patrons and Farmers makes every effort to settle claims in an expeditious manner.  Claim settlement will generally be made within 30-45 days.  In certain circumstances, claim documentation must be reviewed by the company’s claim committee at their monthly meeting before payment can be made.  To expedite the processing of your claim, follow the “Tips for Expediting Claims Settlement” listed below.

Questions After the Claim:  Patrons and Farmers staff, adjusters, and agents work hard to effectively communicate with you during the claims settlement process.  If you have any questions that we failed to anticipate, please call your claims adjuster or agent.

Replacement Cost Settlement Claims:  These claims are generally settled in two payments.  The first payment is for the value of the loss and the second payment covers the additional costs necessary to replace or repair.  See below for tips on providing the documentation or receipts necessary for the second payment to be issued.

Calls & Correspondence:Your prompt reply to calls and correspondence from Patrons and Farmers and its adjusters will greatly speed the settlement of your claim.

Proof of Loss Form:  Sign and return your Proof of Loss Form promptly.  This document, with your original signature must be received by the company prior to any claim payment.  Notarization of this document is not generally required unless the anticipated loss amount is greater than $75,000 or requested by your claims adjuster.

Replacement Cost Claims:  These types of claims require legible copies of receipts and / or proof of repair with total costs identified.  You can submit these documents through your adjuster, agent, or directly to the company by mail.  Your name and claim number should appear on each page.

Until you have an adjuster, you can contact your agent for any updates to your claim.

Once you have the number for your adjuster, they should be able to answer any questions you have during the claims process.

The following billing options are available for your Patrons & Farmers policy:

  • Annual Assessment billing may be either insured bill or mortgagee bill and is billed approximately 30 days before renewal.  Premiums are due no later than the policy effective date.
  • Semi-Annual billing represents 50% of the Annual Assessment plus $15 per installment.  Billing is sent out approximately 30 days before renewal and/or due date.
  • Quarterly billing represents 25% of the Annual Assessment plus $15 per installment.  Billing is sent out approximately 30 days before renewal and/or due date.

Call your Patrons & Farmers agent. Your agent can change your policy to another billing plan at your request. The plan change will be effective at your next renewal so make sure to request the change prior to your policy’s renewal date.

If your policy change is effective at the next policy renewal, you will likely only receive the renewal billing. The additional assessment will be included.

If your policy has been changed mid-term, the additional assessment will be billed to you (even if your renewals are normally billed to your mortgage company) within 10 business days. Payment will be due within 30 days of the billing date.

If your policy change is effective at the next policy renewal, you will likely only receive the renewal billing.

If your policy has been changed mid-term, the refund will be processed and mailed to you from Harrisonville, Missouri within 10 business days.

You have very little time to make sure that your policy remains in force. Call your agent as soon as possible and let him or her know the situation. You will need to make payment within 5 business days by cashier’s check or money order. The assessment plus a $30 fee must be received by the company within 5 business days. Submit payment in person, through your agent or via overnight mail to the company offices.

Future payments will need to be made by the due date with cashiers check or money order.

Yes, you have ten days after the due date to pay. If no payment is received after ten days your policy will cancel.

You have 10 days to make a payment. After 10 days your policy will cancel and all your coverage will cease. If this is an isolated incident, and your agent requests it, your policy may be reinstated by the underwriting staff. If your policy is reinstated, there will be a $25 reinstatement fee. No policy will be reinstated once it has become 60 days past due.

Yes, you may pay your bill online using a checking account with our secure VCheck system. You may also use a Debit or Credit Card to pay online. Click here to make an online payment, or contact your agent to make a payment by phone.

Yes, in addition to paying online with a virtual check, we now offer an online payment option for Credit and Debit Cards. Click here to see your options and pay online.

Contact your agent for information and advice on your insurance protection program. Your agent can also assist you with making changes to your policy. We do require that your agent receive your signature for certain changes.

Your policy protects the property listed on the declarations page and may also protect you from certain liability claims if liability limits are listed. Contact your agent for a more detailed review of your policy and protection program.

Any time you remodel, update or add onto your property, you should contact your agent.  Certain changes do require policy updates.  Your agent can help you with this process.

You should contact your agent if you are:

  • Updating the Heating / Cooling System
  • Remodeling / Finishing your Basement
  • Rewiring
  • Adding a room
  • Converting attic or garage to living space
  • Replacing a Furnace
  • Building a New Outbuilding
  • Renovating an Outbuilding
  • Getting a New Roof or Roof Repairs

If the new roof is on a building other than your home, you should still notify your agent as this demonstrates pride of ownership which is an important factor in our company’s underwriting philosophy.

If you have farming liability protection your policy should cover your liability as a livestock owner. However, you should contact your agent to discuss your options for protecting your financial interest in the livestock.

Your policy may be endorsed to protect your liability and the financial interest you have in your own horse(s). Contact your agent for further information and assistance.

Your Patrons & Farmers policy will not protect you from the liability involved in boarding horses for others. Ask you agent what options you have through other companies he or she represents for this risk.

There are several ways your protection program can be extended to cover your machinery, equipment, and other farm supplies and products (including hay, straw, crops in storage, and livestock). Talk to your agent to discuss what protection is most appropriate for your situation.

Your farm machinery is covered while being driven on public roadways if that piece of equipment is covered on your policy and you have farm liability protection. Ask your agent for further details.

Farm machinery being transported (as in on a truck or trailer) is not covered for property protection unless farm machinery transportation is specified on your policy declarations page. Discuss this important protection with your agent if you have farm machinery or equipment.

Certain items, especially those that have a significant or collector’s value should be specifically insured as part of your protection program.  Talk with your Patrons & Farmers Agent if you would like protection for:

  • Cameras
  • Collections
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Farm Machinery, Equipment and Livestock
  • Fine Arts
  • Firearms
  • Furs
  • Musical Instruments
  • Silverware & Goldware
  • Sports & Golf Equipment

There are a number of different ways you and your agent can put your protection program together. If your policies were written before 2007 there were fewer options…which meant multiple policies for certain properties. If you’d like to see if your policies can now be combined, talk with your Patrons & Farmers Insurance Agent.

Congratulations on paying off your mortgage! You should notify your agent as soon as possible so that he or she can remove the lienholder provision on your insurance policy. By removing the lienholder provision any claims check issued on your property will no longer need to be countersigned by your mortgage holder. Additionally, if your policy was billed to your mortgagee, you should ask your agent to change your billing plan.